Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Karl-Heinrich Link

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl-Heinrich Link

Colon- and Rectal Cancer Surgical Oncological Specialist. Excellent national and international reputation. Outstanding treatment results.

khlink1Patients with colon- and rectal cancers have an excellent chance for cure, if treatment is warranted with highest surgical-oncological expertise in perfect clinical and ambulatory interdisciplinary structures. Even in case of metastases, curability has been improved by modern expert treatments with interdisciplinary protocols.

The surgeon contributes most to the cure of the patient. Surgical quality is defined by specialized training and long term expertise with objective results at the national/international top level range.

DFSP_Siegel_Darmkrebs_2016The hospital structures and teams must meet the up to date requirements. The surgeon and the structures he works in must meet the critical patients´ requirements – without compromise, if best results with low treatment side effects and highest cure rates are the aim.

Professor Link, his team, and the structures they work in fully meet the requirements of the patients´ and their relatives, as outlined further in this website.

As in the years before, Professor Link in 2016 is ranking again in the FOCUS list of the Top-2500 doctors in Germany.


What do patients want for their treatment?

Answers by Prof. Link:

1. Surgical Quality: “Every patient needs optimal surgery with lowest morbidity and best long term results.”
2. Team Quality: “The surgical team must have the best philosophy, motivation,  knowledge and interdisciplinary structure. External top specialists must be involved if indicated.”
3. Team work: “All efforts of multimodal therapy must be applied with strict indications to improve the outcome of the surgical treatment.”
4. Metastases: “Up to date high expertise must be offered in case metastases that may be present at the first tumor diagnosis or develop during follow up.”
5. Innovative: “The specialist should have made top contributions to improve treatment results.”
6. Personal demands “Nonmedical demands of the patients must be fulfilled.”