Results with important quality parameters at APK/ATC Wiesbaden

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Slide 1: Anastomotic leakage might be life-threatening. Due to the outstanding surgical training and scientific activities, the surgical-oncological treatment results of Professor Link + Team are excellent, when compared with other specialized hospitals in benchmarking processes or according to „optimal ranges“ according to literature.


Slide 2: Patients fear wound infection after surgery. Regarding the results of Large Bowel Cancer Center APK Wiesbaden the „postoperative wound infection“ rates after colon- or rectal cancer surgery are rated as very low in benchmarking of the German Cancer Society Large Bowel Cancer Centers (GCS DZ´s).


Slide 3 & 4: In the comparison of surgical-oncological results in rectal cancer – which is the more difficult surgical procedure – with those estimated to be „in the tolerable/good ranges“ according to literature reviews, the team of APK/ATC Wiesbaden always is within top ranges or even better (marked as green).


Slide 5: Objective benchmarking of surgical quality among 253 German bowel cancer centers (DKG): APK Wiesbaden (FAD-Z102) is rated in the top categories (see red arrow).

chart 15

Slide 6: Surgical oncological longterm results of rectal cancer surgery/multimodal therapy at Bowel Cancer Center APK Wiesbaden: the results may be regarded as outstanding.

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