Team Quality

The team must have the best philosophy, motivation, knowledge and interdisciplinary structure. External top specialists must be involved if indicated.

The team leader, Professor Link, up to now has had the scientific/clinical surgical oncological responsibility for > 6000 patients. At the University of Ulm Cancer Center Professor Link built up a very innovative surgical-oncological team structure that worked for the colon- and rectal cancer patients being in the center of all efforts: Surgery, chemotherapy/radiochemotherapy, psychooncology, surgical oncological nursing, follow up, basic research with laboratory/translational research, documentation and scientific reporting. The philosophy with aims and structures were transferred to APK/ATC Wiesbaden.

For special cases, the best specialists in Germany are consulted. Professor Link and his team are achieving top results and are involved continously in modern clinical and scientific developments on top national and international levels.


Teams with outstanding success in surgical oncology of colon and rectal cancer

(Head: K.H.Link):

FOGT/Ulm University und Cancer Center: 64 German Hospitals
K.H.Link, M.Kornmann, L.Staib, W.Gaus, S.Sander, U.Kemmer, M.Schatz,   E.D.Kreuser; H.G.Beger, R.Bittner, M.W.Büchler, D.Henne-Bruns, A.Formentini, J.Limmer, R.Kunz, E.Röttinger, K.Redenbacher, R.Roscher, M.Schoenberg et al..

Prognostic Factors:
Ch.Heidelberger, P.V. + K.Danenberg  (USC, L.A., CA, USA)
M.v.Knebel-Doeberitz (Heidelberg) , Th.Schwabe (Jena), Th.Möhler (Mainz)

CHZ/Chir.I APK Wiesbaden:
K.H.Link, M.Roitman, Th.Weber, A.Sagban, M.Mann, S.Peth, J.Kneip, F.Strobel, G.Farah, B.Hübener et al.

International relations – professional friends
Exchange of surgical oncological knowledge

H. Bismuth/France
A. Czerniak/Israel
M. Deraco/Italy
S. Fujimoto/Japan
B. Heald/England
T. Holm/Sveden
Z. L. Ji/China
D. Khayath/France
Ch. Maurer/Switzerland
T. Mori/Japan
L. Pahlman/Sveden
P. Sugarbaker/USA
T. Taguchi/Japan
L. Yin/China