International Reputation

1980-1982     Prof. Dr. C. Heidelberger at USC Los Angeles, USA  DFG-Grant:

Postdoctoral work on mutagenesis/carcinogenesis with cellcultures and nude mice


Juli 1984          Prof. Dr. D. Morton, Dr. D. Kern at John Wayne Cancer Center/UCLA USA

Prof. Dr. P. Danenberg at USC Cancer Center Los Angeles, USA

Concentration-Response Studies with Fluoropyrimidines and the

H3-Thymidin-Soft Agar Assay.


1995      Prof.P.Sugarbaker at Washington  Hospital Cancer Center

Peritonectomy/Hyperthermic Abdominal Perfusion


März 1998       Prof. Dr. S. Fujimoto, Direktor Dept.Surgery, Social Insurance Funabashi,

Central Hospital, Funabashi, Tokyo, Japan

Gastrectomy with hyperthermic peritoneal perfusion and


Prof. Dr. T. Mori, Direktor Dept. GI/Colorectal Surgery,

Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Anterior rectum resection with  lateral  plexuspreserving lymphnode dissection and


Prof. Dr. O. Ishikawa, Dept. Surgical Oncology, Osaka Medical Center for

Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease, Osaka, Japan

Pancreatic cancer surgery


August 1999    Prof. Dr. H. Bismuth, Hepatobiliary Center, Hospital Paul Brousse,

Universität Paris, Frankreich Liver resection and transplantation, multimodal therapy

of liver tumors


Oktober 2000     Prof. Dr. Ji, Surgical University Hospital Nanjing, Southeast University,

Nanjing, China German-Chinese Surgical Week Scientific exchange and operations


December 2003  Prof.Dr.Ji, Surgical University and Rich Hospital Nantong, Yanzhou University,China.

Scientific and management exchanges