Papers & Books

Most important papers as first author

1986 K. H. Link et al.: Prospective correlative chemosensitivity testing in high dose intraarterial chemotherapy for liver metastases. Cancer Research 46,  4837-4840
1988 K. H. Link et al.:  Concentration and time dependance of the toxicity of fluorinated pyrimidines to HT29 colorectal carcinoma cells. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 22, 58-62
1995 K. H. Link et al.: Rationales for intraperitoneal chemotherapy: Chemosensitivity Testing and Pharmacokinetic Considerations – Clinical Experience with Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. Acta Chirurgica Austriaca 27, 95-100
1996 K. H. Link et al.: Regional Chemotherapy Directed by Individual Chemosensitivity Testing in Vitro: A Prospective Decision-Aiding Trial. Clinical Cancer Research 3, 1469-1474
1997 K. H. Link et al.: Multimodal Therapies in Ductal Pancreatic Cancer. Int.J.Pancreatol. 21, 71-83
1999 K. H. Link et al.: Downstaging by regional chemotherapy of nonresectable isolated colorectal liver metastases. Eur J Surg Oncol 25, 381-388
2000 K. H. Link et al.: Thymidilate synthase quantitation and in vitro chemosnesitivity testing predicts responses and survival of patients with isolated non-resectable liver tumors receiving hepatic arterial infusion. Cancer 89, 288-296 Bemerkung: Ausgezeichnet als “Best Paper of the Year”
2000 K. H. Link et al.: Neue Prinzipien in der Chirurgischen Onkologie. Onkologe 6, 450-457
2001 K. H. Link et al.: Surgery, Radio- and Chemotherapy for Multimodal Treatment of Rectal Cancer. Swiss Surg 7, 256-274
2001 K. H. Link et al.: Regional Chemotherapy of Nonresectable Colorectal Liver Metastases with Mitoxantrone, 5-Fluorouracil, Folinic Acid, and Mitomycin C May Prolong Survival. Cancer 92, 2746-53
2001 K. H. Link: Wandel der Therapie beim resektablen Rektumkarzinom. Internist 42, 910-912
2004 K. H. Link et al.: Chirurgie und multimodale Therapie des Kolonkarzinoms: Evidenzbasis? Chir Gastroenterologie 20, 39-54
2004 K. H. Link et al.: Multimodality Treatment of Hepatic Metastases. In: Lencioni et al., Springer, 363-386
2005 K. H. Link et al.: Increase of Survival Benefit in Advanced Resectable Colon Cancer by Extent of Adjuvant Treatment. Annals of Surgery 242, 178-187
2005 K. H. Link et al.: Colon cancer: survival after curative surgery. Langenbeck´s Arch Surg 390, 83-93
2008 K. H. Link, M. Hauser, M. Mann, P. M. Schlag: Kolonkarzinom – Chirurgische Onkologie Strategien und Standards für die Praxis. Michael Gnant, Peter M. Schlag (Hrsg.), Springer, 315-329
2009 K. H. Link et al.: Multimodale Therapie von Kolon- und Rektumkarzinomen: Qualitätsparameter. Viszeralmedizin 25, 105-117
2010 K. H. Link et al.: Qualitätsanforderungen zur Behandlung des Kolon- und Rektumkarzinoms aus chirurgischer Sicht. Chirurg 81, 222-230
2010 K. H. Link et al.: Qualitätsanforderungen zur Behandlung des Kolon- und Rektumkarzinoms aus chirurgischer Sicht Chirurg 81, 222-230
2011 K. H. Link, H.Hauser, M.Mann, P.M.Schlag: Kolonkarzinom – Die Sicht der Chirurgie. Wiener Klinisches Magazin 14, 3, 22-28.
2012 Th. Weber, M. Roitman, K. H. Link: Current Status of Cytoreductive Surgery With Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in Patients With Peritoneal Carcinomatosis From Colorectal Cancer. Clinical Colorectal Cancer, Vol.11, Nr.3, 167-76.

Most important papers as co-author

1997 H. G. Beger, M. H.Schoenberg, K. H. Link, F. Safi, D. Berger: Die duodenumerhaltende Pankreaskopfresektion – Ein Standardverfahren bei chronischer Pankreatitis. Chirurg 68, 874-880
1999 H. G. Beger, F. Gansauge, M. W. Büchler, K. H. Link: Intraarterial adjuvant chemotherapy after pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer: significant reduction of occurence of liver metastasis . World J Surg 23, 946-949
2001 J. P. Neoptolemos, J. A. Dunn, D. D. Stocken, J. Almond, K. H. Link, H..Beger, C. Bassi, M. Falconi, P. Pederzoli, C. Dervenis, L. Fernandez-Cruz, F. Lacaine, A. Pap, D. Spooner, D. J. Kerr, H. Friess, M.W. Büchler for the European Study Group for Pancreatic Cancer: Adjuvant chemoradiotherapy and chemotherapy in resectable pancreatic cancer: a randomized controlled trial. The Lancet 358, 1576-85
2002 L. Staib, K. H. Link, A. Blatz, H.G. Beger: Surgery of Colorectal Cancer: Surgical Morbidity and Five- and Ten-year Results in 2400 Patients. -Monoinstitutional Experience. World J Surg 26, 59-66
2002 M. Kornmann, K. H. Link: Conversion of locally inoperable primary rectal cancer with multiple liver metastases to an option for cure after local down-staging and hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy. Langenbeck´s Arch Surg 387, 90-93
2003 B. U. M. Monz, H. H. König, R. Leidl, L. Staib, K. H. Link: Cost Effectiveness of Adding Folinic Acid to Fluorouracil Plus Levamisole as Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Colon Cancer in Germany. Pharmacoeconomics 21, 709-719
2003 M. Kornmann, W. Schwabe, S. Sander, M. Kron, J. Strater, S. Polat, E. Kettner, H. F. Weiser, W. Baumann, H. Schramm, P. Hausler, K. Ott, D. Behnke, L. Staib, H. G. Beger, K. H. Link : Thymidylate Synthase and dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase mRNA expression levels: predictors for survival in colorectal cancer patients receiving adjuvant 5-fluorouracil. Clin Cancer Research 9, 4116-24
2003 H. G. Beger, B. Rau, F. Gansauge, B. Poch, K. H. Link: Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer: Challenge of the Facts. Editorial Update. World J Surg 27, 1075-1084
2007 M. Kornmann, L. Staib, K. H. Link: Aktuelle chirurgische Therapiestrategien – Rektumkarzinom. Verdauungskrankheiten 25, 163-170
2007 Th. Weber, K. H. Link: Radikale Chirurgie bei primär metastasierten kolorektalen Karzinomen. Chir Gastroenterol 23, 360-66
2009 W. Hohenberger, K. H. Link, J. Spatz, M. Anthuber, U. Widmaier, M. H. Schoenberg: Stellenwert der laparoskopischen operativen Behandlung von Rektumkarzinomen. Chirurgische Praxis 70, 3-9
2010 M. Kornmann, L. Staib, T. Wiegel, E. D. Kreuser, M. Kron, W. Baumann, Henne-Bruns, and K. H. Link: Adjuvant radiochemotherapy of advanced resectable rectal cancer: results of a randomised trial comparing modulation of 5-fluorouracil with folinic acid or with interferon alpha Br J Cancer 103, 1163-1172