Major Achievements

  1. Clinically:
    Prolongation of survival and cure rates in patients with colon-, rectal, and pancreatic cancer. Introduction of multimodal therapy in colon- and rectal cancer in Germany. Downstaging and curative resection of primarily nonresectable liver  tumors (one of the first three  groups worldwide). Improvement of response and survival by individualizing chemotherapy using PCR techniques and cell cultures (first worldwide). First to report split liver resection with treatment individualization. Foundation and leadership of the national interdisciplinary working group “Forschungsgruppe Onkologie Gastrointestinale Tumoren (FOGT)”; conduction of the 2 largest German phase III trials on multimodal therapy in colon and rectal cancer. Conduction of phase III trials involving treatment individualization/molecular  prognostic factors (among the groups worldwide). Major contributions to “Quality control in colon  and rectal cancer surgery”.
  1. Professionally:
    Nationally and internationally active and recognized as Surgical Oncologist and Visceral Surgeon. Among the top ranking in DKG benchmarking of large bowel cancer centers.
    More than 140 chairmanships and numerous memberships in organizing- and selection committees  in national/international Scientific meetings. Organization of workshops and regular international  meetings (BIC) on colorectal and pancreatic surgery.
  1. Communication:
    Organisation of national- and international meetings with participation of most renowned clinical and basic researchers in their fields: Colon- and Rectal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Liver Tumors and other visceral diseases.
  1. Publications:
    More than 300 publications, numerous in nationally/internationally journals of highest impact (Ann Surg, Arch Surg, Lancet, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer, Langenbeck´s Arch Surg, World J Surgery, Eur J Surg Oncol, Chirurg, etc.). Edition/Coedition of 5 Books.
  1. Presentations:
    More than 1000 presentations, many of them in highly recognized national/international meetings; numerous review talks on Oncologic or Visceral Surgical Topics.
  1. Surgery:
    More than 8000 visceral surgical procedures. Surgical training with one of the nationally and internationally most renowned pancreatic/visceral surgeon (Prof. Dr. H. G. Beger, “Ulm School”).
  1. Recommended Member of the “FOCUS-Liste” (German List of Excellence in Oncological Treatment) for Surgery of Colon- and Rectal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, and Metastases. Team rated as among the best according to benchmarking of DKG German Large Bowel Cancer Centers.
  1. Management:
    Cancer Center, University Hospital-Surgical Department and Center; Surgical Center and ATC at APK in Wiesbaden, Large Bowel Cancer Center ATC Wiesbaden/DKG, and Center for Malignant Diseases of the Peritoneum/DGAV